IBM - Enterprise Design Thinking

Design of the landing page for IBM Enterprise design thinking, facilitating the process for students to access the framework and badge system.


Creating Personas

Empathy Map



As-is Scenario map

to-be scenario map

Enterprise Design Thinking is the framework IBM uses to collaborate, align teams and form intent to solve users’ problems — all while improving customer experiences at the speed and scale the modern enterprise demands. … As an enterprise team, you face complex challenges.

In this project we worked with the global director of IBM design, and the objective was to simplify the registration process of users to the framework page, to make it more accessible to university students, the public and private sectors.

Pain points from the research

  • Why EDT is important in the academic process and in the beginning of working life
  • It’s free?
  • Explain what the badge process consists of and how to obtain them
  • Reduce the number of steps to sign up, the student can feel overwhelmed in the sign-up process if they do not understand it clearly.

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