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We designed a solution to facilitate payments while you are travelling to a foreign country, avoiding the fees for currency conversion while abroad


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We designed a solution to facilitate payments while you are travelling to a foreign country, avoiding to pay the credit card fees for currency conversion and the currency exchange at local banks, where the rates do not benefit the travellers.

Pagox focused on saving money for travellers allowing them to pay in local currency while they are abroad without the high currency exchange fees.

And using low-cost technology to target tourism cities in developing countries to be able to be a profitable option for local merchants and travellers.


  • Reduce the extra cost while travelling.
  • To help travellers to understand local currency
  • Protect travellers from scammers who take advantage when the travellers do not know the actual value of the local money.
  • To use low-cost technology, to allow merchants from developing countries to have access to it.
  • Reduce the use of cash
  • Reduce the risk of robbery (travellers and merchants)
  • The system pagox consists of two digital platforms, one for personal use and one for merchants.

After the validation of the ideas, the final prototype is a platform that has a mobile, desktop app, and a dashboard for merchants.

 It will help the travellers to look things to do and where to go, based on recommendations, prices and promotions, facilitating the search when arriving at a new place, this application allows users to make reservations, check for the menus, and read comments from other users, also allows you to access exclusive promotions and make payments through the application avoiding the use of cash.

The dashboard for merchants consists of a CRM service, where the merchants have a database of the clients that visit them, create promotions and send them directly to the application, management of reservations and profile of the business to the public.



  • The user downloads an app from a digital store or access to a web browser to

  • Select the home country and currency

  • Add a Credit Card, debit card, or funds from a bank account.

  • The digital wallet will scan a unique code from the merchant device to complete transaction.


  • The merchant access to

  •  get merchant ID

  • The merchant app will generate a unique code everytime a transaction is getting completed.

  • The merchant will have the available funds in 24 hours in their bank account

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