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This project was the first great challenge for tacticux, where we started from scratch with the development of the sustainable idea, brand creation, user experience, marketing research, development of SEO and SEM strategies.

Nowadays, QPASA.com has become one of the most read blogs in Spanish in North America, exceeding 15 million visits per month.

Market research must be developed before and after the validation of the idea, to have a better understanding to achieve an effective solution for the client and the user.

QPASA was born on a napkin in a pizzeria

QPASA MEDIA is a bilingual digital media (Spanish / English) based in Toronto, with offices in Montreal and Orlando. Founded in 2017, QPASA.com has become one of the fastest-growing Spanish-language blogs in North America with more than 10 million visits monthly.

Covering everything from local news in Toronto, Montreal, Miami, and New York to travel recommendations, technology, investments, and real estate, immigration processes, local guides of things to do among others.


The Process


we start with defining our audience, millennials who live in North America and Spanish is their first language, we define the topics that we are going to discuss based on our audience.


We did a design thinking session where the idea to develop was a blog-style digital magazine, where we would cover topics that are not in the news. This helped us to have a clear idea of the final product.


In this process we investigated the market and the audience that the web portal was going to be directed to, and based on this market study we looked for the topics and the tone of voice.

Execution & Validation

After having clear the audience and the themes of the portal, I started with the wireframes followed by the architecture of the site. Being approved by all, we decided which CRM should be used WordPress being chosen. We began designing the brand, followed by the design and development of the portal, complying with all the parameters of responsiveness and SEO.

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