Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Jobs and Industries

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Technological advances have driven and transformed each of the labor sectors in recent years. Now, artificial intelligence (AI) joins these great changes that are and will be experienced by each of the jobs and industries worldwide.

Companies have been implementing certain characteristics of artificial intelligence as an innovative factor with respect to robotics and big data. The future that holds for jobs and industries looks promising for some and worrisome for others.

Artificial intelligence already promises to replace certain jobs, including public transportation drivers. It should be remembered that Amazon recently presented ‘Zoox’, a car that will function as an electric “robotaxi”, which will not need a driver for its operation.

For some years now, companies and individuals interested in AI have increased their interest in innovation and investment exponentially. By 2018, the inventors of the American multinational technology company, International Business Machines Corporation, also known by its acronym “IBM”, received 1,600 patents related to artificial intelligence.

This alone shows a “small part” of what the future holds for the formation and operation of new industries. The technological transformation has brought robust benefits to the most competitive companies in the world.

According to Microsoft’s CEO of Mixed Reality Education Dan Ayoub, “Artificial intelligence will be a great game changer, improve the efficiency of many sectors and enable the creation of higher-value services that can lead to overall economic growth.”

Therefore, experts recommend that workers who must handle a large amount of data, prepare, since in the future AI will be the replacement for these tasks.

This was stated in the McKinsey Global Institute report, cited by the Best Colleges website, where it was shared that by 2030, about a third of the United States workforce will have to change occupations. The data suggests that the most vulnerable professionals will be those dedicated to the administrative, financial, sales and information technology (IT) sectors.

But, although it seems to be a little comforting scenario for some industries; For those that must and require a large number of data, figures and processes, AI will become their best ally.

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