Skills to Succeed as a UX Designer in 2021

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A UX designer is in charge of designing the experience before, during and after the user in front of a product and / or system; this field is being highly required in the digital world. Among many of his qualities, this professional must have the ability to be flexible in the face of the advances and tools that new technologies bring.

It is as if this designer is that “bridge between a company and users”, since the ideal is that a buyer can enjoy the shopping experience from the moment he enters the website, until he receives and tests your product; for this is the UX.

If you are interested in being a UX designer by 2021, we will share with you the skills you must have to succeed in this profession and not die trying, this according to the Burning Glass International company.

The main tools that you should know how to use, or at least have knowledge, are:
Adobe Creative Suite, will allow you to use the applications created by Adobe Systems, which are aimed at graphic and web designers who need tools for editing raster and vector graphics, photos, videos, audios, animations and others.

If you want to be a UX or UI (user interaction designer) with a highly competitive profile, you must know how to use Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat and Creative Suite, this will help you to be aware of the projects and that you can know how to react to any difficulties that may develop in this area.

Also, you must know about process design, according to the National Technological University, with this ability you can “establish the mode of development of productive activities based on the type of product to be made.” It will make it easier for you to structure or make the “skeleton” of the process and the final experience.

Another tool that will help you will be the management of product management, this work is one of the most important and fundamental, since it will give you the possibility of planning, preventing, planning production and / or marketing according to the marketing study that you have previously done. .

The above will work to converge the wishes, needs and expectations of customers, with the purpose, realization and final delivery of the product that the company will develop.

Similarly, he should have knowledge of web application development, Java and Scrum.

The first will allow you to propose an ideal application or app for the distribution and sale of the product and / or service that is accessible from any device. With this, you will be able to be on both sides of the coin, since you will know the work behind it for its creation (always keeping the customer in mind); And when you put it to the test, you can quickly recognize and come up with solid solutions to flaws or changes that your study target audience may manifest.

In the second, Java is mentioned, this is a computing platform capable of running applications developed with the Java programming language or compatible with bytecode. Srve to create applications and / or processes on various devices.

And in the third, there is Scrum, which was created to agilely develop software. Among the characteristics of this platform there is the regular management of customer expectations, anticipated results, flexibility and adaptation, return on investment, risk mitigation, productivity and quality. With this, periodic meetings can be held to keep abreast of the production, changes or suggestions that arise over time.

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