The 10 essential tips to achieve the successful digital transformation of your company

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For some years the different industries have had to make important changes to keep up with the trends and needs of the market. Although certain companies have tried to advance along with new technologies, it is still difficult for them to execute it.

Digitization of sales processes
Digitizing the sales processes will help you to be aware of the results that the company’s products have had in front of customers. This method will allow you to evaluate how the objectives and goals of the company are going in the short, medium and long term.

An ideal tool for the digitization of sales processes is through “Customer Relationship Management” or “Customer Relationship Management”, with this you can analyze from the needs of users regarding products to the optimization of cost-effectiveness.

Digitization of marketing processes
Digital marketing has become a fundamental tool for the digital transformation of organizations. The Internet is the “catapult” to power both small and large companies, therefore, you must include an excellent digital marketing strategy in your business plan and action plan.

One strategy that you should take into account will be the creation of valuable content, which will sell your product and your brand on its own.

Invest in UX
Investing in a User Experience (UX) designer will be one of the best decisions you can make for your business. These professionals are dedicated to studying, analyzing and implementing the “impact or effect” that the good and / or service will have on customers.

The creativity of this area will be essential, since users will not only expect the best conditions and guarantees of the product they bought, but will also look for a pleasant, fast, easy and simple experience when they have the first approach to the good to acquire, that is to say , on the website.

Data storage
Data storage will be your best ally when you want to modify, implement or eliminate a certain product from your business, since this way you will have a record of what has been the buying behavior and the sales experiences of your goods and / or services.

Mobile platforms
To achieve a successful digital transformation, you will need to invest in mobile platforms, which will allow both employees and managers to access their work from anywhere.

eye! a mobile platform is not the same as an application. In addition, the platforms will not only serve the workers, but also the public, this will lead to a personalized and more accessible experience; the user experience will be one of the fundamental pillars for the creation of this “page”.

If you are about to migrate to mobile platforms, you can turn to Tacticux, an agency for creating experiences, web development and applications.

So if you have an idea written on ‘a napkin’ but don’t know how to execute it, Tacticux will bring your concept to life and lead you to user interface designs.

Machine learning
To make your transition to digital transformation even easier, you may want to invest in machine learning, a data analysis method that helps you identify patterns, learn data, and make decisions without the need for further human input.

Focusing on the financial area, it will be very helpful to have blockchain technology, which will manage a record of the transactions that will occur on its platforms. You can think of this tool as a kind of “ledger”.

Employee training
Even when the digital transformation of a company is focused on technology, training will also be important so that employees can work much better and with greater knowledge about the digital environment where they will have to interact from now on.

Of course, this will depend on each area of ​​the company, since not all people have the same functions in the organization.

Corporate culture
Connecting a little with the previous point, you will also have to modify the business culture that you have carried up to now with your employees. It is advisable to train them so that they understand what the new management of the company will be like in the digital world and what will be the values ​​that the company will maintain.

Digital transformation requires updates that you may have never contemplated for your product type and audience distribution. Faced with the constant advancement of technology, you must re-evaluate your processes and strategies from the company’s business plan to the interaction you want to have.

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